'something has to be done' with N.Korea

  • 'something has to be done' with N.Korea

'something has to be done' with N.Korea

Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union", when asked about North Korea recently successfully testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that could potentially reach Alaska, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said if China did not help stop North Korea's aggressive behavior President Donald Trump has said he would "start looking at trade relations with China".

Trump also told Xi that trade is a "very, very big issue for the United States".

Xi also stressed that the two countries should stick to mutual respect and win-win cooperation, expand practical cooperation in various fields and strengthen coordination on worldwide and regional issues, so as to keep China-U.S. relations healthy and stable.

With altogether four high-level mechanisms, the two countries aim to improve mutual understanding and boost practical cooperation. "It may take longer that you'd like", he said.

These contrasted sharply with April's decision not to label China a currency manipulator in order to avoid hurting Chinese feelings at a time when the US was asking for its help to bring the provocative regime in Pyongyang under control.

The two countries should respect each other's core interests and major concerns, and properly address differences and sensitive issues, said Xi.

The Trump administration has tried to press Beijing to rein in North Korea, a major trading partner of China, and halt Kim Jong Un's development of nuclear weapons before they can threaten US territory.

The U.S. president noted that U.S. Trump has said that he would never allow the North to develop such a capability, but his options for dealing with the threat are limited.

"Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearized Korean Peninsula", the statement said.

Malcolm Turnbull is confident G20 leaders will agree on tougher sanctions against North Korea and new steps to deal with online extremism.

Mr Turnbull held a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday at which they discussed terrorism, innovation, defence cooperation and a proposed trade deal between Australia and the European Union.