How Chris Pine could return to 'Wonder Woman 2'

  • How Chris Pine could return to 'Wonder Woman 2'

How Chris Pine could return to 'Wonder Woman 2'

As Wonder Woman continues to smash box office records, DCEU Films has reportedly started work on a treatment for a sequel which could be set in the eighties during Cold War tensions.

But it sounds like DC is sticking to what worked the first time: a period piece. Wonder Woman 2, where Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) could return, the heroine should leave Europe and Paris for the US.

"Wonder Woman" has enjoyed great success in the box office since the movie's premiere, and so far has earned over US$745 million (S$1.03 billion) worldwide. Of course, the sequel will bring back Gal Gadot as Diana, but there possibly could be another beloved character making a return as well. The actor, who played the war intelligence officer #Steve Trevor in the summer blockbuster, could still be part of the sequel if director Patty Jenkins had her way. The second "Wonder Woman" movie will arrive in theaters whenever. The 40-year-old took to social media to congratulate Gal Gadot and the whole team for Wonder Woman's success.

It's not the highest grossing film of 2017 - though it will nearly certainly pass "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" very soon to nab the silver - but "Wonder Woman" is still the year's big cinematic success story. New details about Wonder Woman 2 have now emerged, and they reveal it might not be the modern day movie that was previously rumored. And yet here we are imagining the handsome multiplicity of such a universe, thanks to the actor's rad AF tribute to Wonder Woman.

Apparently, Steve Trevor will be in the sequel, which now prompts an even bigger question for fans: How the f*ck is that gonna happen because he literally exploded in the first movie and people don't usually survive being blown up, ya know??? He could be working for the Soviets, a la Bucky Barnes in Winter Soldier.

Speaking about the DC Universe franchise and what can be expected in Wonder Woman 2 to Variety, he said: 'Patty and I are writing the treatment right now.

It is worth noting that both Deadpool and Wonder Woman were burdened with their own challenges, which makes their financial earnings all the more impressive.

Wonder Woman is now screening in cinemas. This is what I spend most of my time thinking about, people.