IPhone production issues reportedly threaten Apple sales rebound

  • IPhone production issues reportedly threaten Apple sales rebound

IPhone production issues reportedly threaten Apple sales rebound

Initially thought to be just another way to do biometrics (and better selfies), recent reports said that 3D scanning might actually replace Touch ID altogether. But time is running out, and Fast Company says there's a "sense of panic" in Apple's ranks as deadlines approach.

The iPhone 8 is expected to have a release date in September, and now it looks like Apple could be preparing a brand new colour for the phone. However, the software that would allow the feature to work isn't cooperating. Most notably the software that powers the long-rumored wireless charging isn't up to scratch yet.

Will the iPhone 8 Be Delayed?

Apple also is having problems related to the OLED screen and integrating a fingerprint sensor into the display for security applications on the iPhone 8, according to media accounts.

A new report claims Apple is struggling to iron out software issues that are rendering wireless charging and another major feature unusable for now.

What's being reported here is that there's actually no problem with the hardware, and the issue with the iPhone 8's wireless charging feature is with its software.

The prospect of the new iPhone shipping without some of its new functionality enabled, or an iPhone 8 delay due to a shortage of components is apparently making for a very tense atmosphere in Cupertino.

The one piece of technology that nobody was courageous enough to deploy in phones this year is a fingerprint sensor placed under the display. That too has been a worry for Apple, and a potential cause of delays-not because of the quality of the hardware, but because of a scarcity of OLED manufacturing facilities around the world. They may even be delayed pending a subsequent software update, as happened previous year with Portrait Mode in iPhone 7.

Apple has also run into problems with its new front facing 3D sensor, which is reportedly being utilised in lieu of a TouchID fingerprint scanner. Fast Company's sources believes Apple could add Touch ID under the display. And the roadblock seems to be an assortment of software problems.

That percentage of second-hand phones is expected to grow as each new iPhone model comes onto the market, prompting owners to sell their old ones online or give them to family members, and charities. The issue this time is with the scarcity of OLED manufacturing.

Fast Company's source says Apple has been experimenting with the different solutions but has finally reached the point where it is likely to embed the Touch ID sensor under the OLED display.