Nobel Peace Prize victor Liu Xiaobo in life-threatening condition, says hospital

  • Nobel Peace Prize victor Liu Xiaobo in life-threatening condition, says hospital

Nobel Peace Prize victor Liu Xiaobo in life-threatening condition, says hospital

China has faced worldwide pressure to let Liu travel overseas for treatment since he was transferred from prison to a Shenyang hospital after he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer more than a month ago.

Liu has suffered multiple organ failures, the hospital said, including kidney and liver failure, septic shock, as well as blood clots forming around his body.

However, in a subsequent statement that was ignored by Chinese media, the German and American doctors said Liu was capable of traveling overseas, and the German Embassy in Beijing lashed out at China for "selectively leaking" the video to state media in a breach of doctor-patient confidentiality.

The United States repeated calls on Tuesday for Liu to be released and said it was ready to welcome him if he chose to be treated there.

Chinese Nobel Peace Prize victor Liu Xiaobo is in a life-threatening condition with multiple organ failure and his family have opted against inserting a breathing tube needed to keep him alive, the hospital treating him has said.

Liu, China's most famous political prisoner, is now battling liver cancer at the First Hospital of China Medical University in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang.

Liu's plight has already drawn public protests in the southern Chinese city of Hong Kong.

His most recent conviction, on Christmas Day 2009, stemmed from his co-authorship of Charter 08, a manifesto calling for political reform and human rights in China. The activists said they would not leave until Liu is allowed to leave the country.

"It's also legitimate to question if the authorities are releasing the information about his worsening health as an attempt to delay and justify not allowing Liu Xiaobo to leave the country", Poon added. "This is a political charade", the Global Times reported in an editorial on Tuesday.

He was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize in absentia for his work campaigning for human rights in China.

China has accused other countries of politicising the writer's case and interfering in China's internal affairs.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen said on Twitter that the self-ruled island that China claims as its own, was closely following reports that Liu was in critical condition.

"We do not know how reliable these accounts are, or if they mean Liu Xiaobo can not travel", one family friend told Reuters, declining to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Human rights groups questioned the motives behind the leak of a video showing the United States and German specialists by the bedside of a gaunt-looking Liu as they speak to his wife, Liu Xia, and the Chinese doctors.

The scene was denounced as propaganda by rights groups while the German embassy said Monday it "seems that security organs are steering the process, not medical experts".