Apple planning rear-facing 3D laser for future iPhone

  • Apple planning rear-facing 3D laser for future iPhone

Apple planning rear-facing 3D laser for future iPhone

As per Fast Company report, Apple is working on a rear-facing 3D laser setup to be placed on the upcoming iPhones, which will give a major push to AR (Augmented Reality) experiences on the smartphone. These details and many others have come from "a source with knowledge of the situation", according to the news site.

While previous reports over the past several months have already pointed to a 3D sensor system being incorporated into the new iPhone, it's generally been unclear as to exactly what the goal of the system would be.

Not surprisingly, the report adds that the inclusion of the aforementioned 3D lasers isn't yet a sure thing and "depends on the progress the Apple engineers make in integrating the laser system into the phone". Currently, ARKit uses the iPhone camera to picture and measure the real world.

Also, the report suggests that the decade edition or the 10th Anniversary iPhone will feature the 3D laser sensors in a vertically aligned housing on the back panel. It does this by calculating how long it takes for the imperceptible light to travel from your phone, to the target object, and back. The source suggests that the main issue in this case is integrated the laser system into the iPhone, rather than the system itself. Whereas for camera tech, the lens can better focus on a specific aspect of the filed of view.

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While we've already seen how capable ARKit is on existing iPhone models, we can only imagine how much more seamless things will be with a more advanced camera system. Laser autofocus systems offer a faster and more accurate way of measuring objects in the frame compared to the more passive means used in iPhones now. Lumentum is purportedly providing most of the VCSEL lasers with Finisar and II-VI as secondary suppliers. Also, the authenticity of this information as questionable since it comes from unofficial sources. Apple will likely buy the whole system in module form from either LG Innotek, STMicro, AMS, or Foxconn, said the source.