Live Crew Founding Member Fresh Kid Ice Dead at 53

  • Live Crew Founding Member Fresh Kid Ice Dead at 53

Live Crew Founding Member Fresh Kid Ice Dead at 53

Fresh Kid Ice of the controversial yet legendary Hip-Hop group 2 Live Crew died in Miami at age 53. His grandfather was Cantonese.

2 Live Crew's career was fraught with controversy. He later left them to form his own label, Chinaman Records. The group burst onto the Miami hip-hop scene in the mid-1980s and were known for their explicit hits and parodies.

Fellow 2 Live Crew member Uncle Luke tweeted about Fresh Kids Ice's death shortly after the rapper's manager told TMZ of his death.

"As Nasty As They Wanna Be", released in 1989, became the first album to ever be deemed legally obscene by the USA government. Two years later, they released "Move Somethin'" and followed up that album with at least one album per year from 1989 to 1991.

The case paved the way for parental advisory labels. The crew's last album, "The Real One", was released in 1998.

Fresh Kid previously addressed how being one of the first Asian rappers impacted his fans.

Fresh Kid and the group's biggest contribution to American rap and pop culture is that they became poster children for First Amendment rights after the constantly tested and stretched the boundaries of self-expression, political correctness and decency.

Crew mate Luther Campbell (formerly Luke Skywalker) posted about his loss.

Campbell tweeted: "People we lost a legend". Fresh Kid went on to have a solo career in the late 2000s working with other well known artists, including Flo Rida. "Prayers up for his family". We lost another legend.