Hindu outfit seeks ban on Kamal Haasan's 'Big Boss' TV show

  • Hindu outfit seeks ban on Kamal Haasan's 'Big Boss' TV show

Hindu outfit seeks ban on Kamal Haasan's 'Big Boss' TV show

"Our demand is that Bigg Boss should be banned and we do not want Kamal Haasan to host this show", Arjun Sampath, Founder and state President of Hindu Makkal Katchi had told The News Minute.

In the complaint filed demanding that the contestants of the reality show; actors Oviya, Namitha, Ganja Karuppu and Harathi among others should be arrested.

He went on to add that, contrary to perception, the reality show is not affecting or harming Tamil culture in any way whatsoever.

Well, Mr Kamal Haasan, disrespecting the law and hurting sentiments of women are not part of freedom of expression. It's not working. If they have rightful claims, I will apologize but I will not this time. The group even demanded that for hosting such a "vulgar" show, the actor should be put behind bars.

The most controversial show Bigg Boss has expanded its market in India mainly in the Southern region after conquering Hindi zone.

While speaking to ANI, Vishal said, "Bigg Boss is a multilingual program".

The show, which has been on air since June 25, has participants who stay in a specially constructed house without any sort of connectivity to the outside world, but are constantly monitored through cameras.

Girija has revealed that Gayathri agreed to be on "Bigg Boss" as she felt it would be a good change for her and also the payment was more attractive than another offer to judge a dance show in a different channel. I can not accept the fact that the show is killing our culture and tradition.

Highlighting the presence of one participant, the group said she was chosen for the show after she raised slogans against Bharatiya Janta Party during the Jallikattu protests earlier this year. I have done kissing scenes in the films. "I am not finding fault with them, after all they are also fans".