Malala celebrates 20th birthday with war-hit Iraqi school girls

  • Malala celebrates 20th birthday with war-hit Iraqi school girls

Malala celebrates 20th birthday with war-hit Iraqi school girls

She also opened an all-girls school for Syrian refugees calling on leaders from around the world to provide "books not bullets".

"And a few years ago, when I had the honor of meeting Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head just for trying to go to school, this issue got really personal for me".

But she did take some time off to have fun as she enjoyed her last day as a teenager with some of the girls at an amusement park. She has since started the Malala Fund, which supports girls education around the world, and in 2014 became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Her family fled the city in April, when her father was captured by ISIS.

On Friday, the women's rights advocate announced from her newly launched Twitter account that she'd graduated high school. After all, she has suffered, she described the feeling of returning to school: "'It was as if all my hopes came back.' I know how Nayir feels", Yousafzai wrote.

But, her blog said, Nayir might have fled Mosul, she was determined to finish her studies, Yousafzai's blog read. On top of that, the Malala Fund notes that 3.6 million people are internally displaced in Iraq and half of them are children.

The stop in Iraq marked the latest installment of Yousafzai's Girl Power Trip.

Michelle Obama spoke out about her admiration for Yousafzai in a CNN op-ed past year in which she said her story made girls' education personal for her.

Stories like these are everywhere: About 355,000 internally displaced children in Iraq don't attend school, and the majority of them are girls.

In Erbil, Malala Yousafzai visits an amusement park with children displaced by ISIS conflict.

He said that Malala had defeated conspiracies of keeping the nation victim to darkness of ignorance with her courage and passion and she is a ray of hope for the girls striving for education. That's why we're asking you to send Malala a postcard today. In the aftermath, she continued her schooling in England and toured the world, giving inspirational speeches where she detailed how teen girls can become involved in their communities. "We can not allow girls like Nayir to fight alone".