Tufts nurses launch one-day strike

  • Tufts nurses launch one-day strike

Tufts nurses launch one-day strike

Functioning of private hospitals in Kerala is likely to be affected with an estimated 80,000 nurses on Thursday deciding to go on indefinite strike from July 17 demanding higher wages.

The union and the hospital are at an impasse over staffing levels, pay and retirement benefits. "Nurses are forced to work as trainees in many hospitals for several years with meagre salaries and we would not buckle under pressure from private hospitals, " UNA president Jasmine Shah said.

Here is a look at that strike, which lasted for five weeks, as seen through the Globe coverage at the time.

The MNA added, "Although the hospital told the nurses this would happen, it was still disappointing and disheartening to be turned away from returning to their patients".

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"Our 24-hour strike was necessary because the hospital refused to negotiate a fair agreement that protects our patients and values our nurses". Noting the association was not against offering a salary hike for the nurses, Sahadullah said the managements are ready for a reasonable and realistic hike that will not affect the healthcare cost.

Almost 1,200 nurses took turns walking the line through the night. Though the hospitals are facing financial difficulties, we accepted the recommendations to avoid difficulties to the patients, he said.

"This is a different role for all of us", said nurse Jean Probert. This cycle won't stop until the hospital makes us competitive.

Tufts spokesperson Rhonda Mann called the nurses' attempt to return to work Thursday "a stunt orchestrated for the media" in a statement obtained by The Boston Globe. "During our one-day strike and the unfortunate four-day lock-out by Tufts management, nurses have been empowered our own unity and the support of a tremendous diversity of community members".

This would mean that a qualified nurse would not get more than Rs 20,000, association sources said. "I want my nurses back so we can take care of patients".