Homeland Security: Program Protecting Young Immigrants May Be Illegal

  • Homeland Security: Program Protecting Young Immigrants May Be Illegal

Homeland Security: Program Protecting Young Immigrants May Be Illegal

Ultimately, he will make a decision about what the administration will do if the program is challenged in court, he said in the Air Force One conversation that was allowed to be quoted on the record Thursday.

"He either does not understand his authority under current law or was stonewalling or doing a very convincing job of playing dumb - or maybe some combination of the three", Mr. Gutierrez concluded.

"What I'd like to do is a comprehensive immigration plan".

Speaking to members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in a closed-door meeting Wednesday, Kelly told lawmakers that he personally supports the program but thinks it would not stand up to a legal challenge.

He added, "There are two sides of a story".

Representative Luis Gutierrez of IL said in a statement after Wednesday's hearing, "We have to prepare for the worst and get ready to fight mass deportation".

"He did not indicate that they would (defend it)".

The newly minted secretary, a former Marine general, has said it's up to Congress to solve the big issues involved in immigration.

"It's not a pretty picture", meeting attendee Sen.

A Homeland Security spokesman, David Lapan, told reporters after Kelly left his meeting without comment that the legal experts Kelly spoke with about the issue "felt that DACA, as it exists, is not legally sustainable".

Several lawmakers said Kelly told them he was unaware of legislation to make the DACA program more permanent, but when told that there was, he said he would look into it.

Mr. Kelly has also said he's skeptical of repeated renewals of TPS, which he said were done under previous administrations without the sort of careful review of facts on the ground. They challenged Kelly to attend a press conference on Capitol Hill in support of the bill before the August recess, just like he did when he appeared with Speaker Paul Ryan recently.

"He said he would consider it", said Rep. Nanette Barragan, D-Calif. "If you truly believe and Donald Trump believes that you should protect DACA, then the government should join and encourage the protection of DACA and fight against his attorney general".

Trump himself pledged to "immediately" rescind DACA on the campaign trail, but after his election spoke about the difficulty of the issue for him as numerous recipients are honorable and contributing members of communities.

During his campaign for the presidency, Trump pledged to "immediately end" the program, which is often referred to as DACA.