HP keeps up strong PC sales amid slumping worldwide shipments

  • HP keeps up strong PC sales amid slumping worldwide shipments

HP keeps up strong PC sales amid slumping worldwide shipments

But some PC manufacturers saw growth amid the market slump.

On the other side of the spectrum, Macs didn't perform as great, either. Did Apple gain or reduce its Mac sales? According to their figures, Apple actually lost market share (11.8 percent now, 12.3 percent a year ago), but sold more units - 1.7 percent higher Y-on-Y.

According to Gartner, Dell has put a high priority on PCs as a strategic business and, among the top three vendors, is the only vendor which can supply the integrated IT needs of businesses under the Dell Technologies umbrella of companies. Moving more than 1,000 shipments more than Lenovo in Q2, HP now has a 22.8 per cent market share, while Lenovo commands 20.5 per cent of the market, according to IDC.

In Q1 Patently Apple reported that Apple came in fourth spot in PC shipments narrowly beating out Asus and a new IDC report published this afternoon shows that nothing has changed for Apple in Q2 despite launching updated Macs in early June.

If we look at the fourth quarter of 2015, PC shipments dropped 10.6 percent to 71.9 million, far faster than today. Per IDC, HP grew by 6.2 percent, while Dell grew by 3.7 percent. Apple's U.S. shipments fell sharply by 9.6 percent year over year to 1.6 million, while Asus' U.S. shipments slipped almost 41 percent on the year. Further PC price adjustments had to be made to react to the component shortage in the quarter, and the deterioration of the yuan against the USA dollar also added to the challenge for foreign brands.

"Despite recent issues wrought by component shortages and its effect on system prices, we expect the momentum of commercial market replacements will contribute to eventual market growth". Worldwide Chromebook shipments grew 38% in 2016, while the overall PC market declined 6%. While Gartner didn't include Chromebook shipments in the data, it notes that it is "moderately impacting" the PC market. Gartner also thinks the PC market shrank 4.3 percent on the whole.

IDC said an inventory buildup caused by shortages of key components such as solid state drives eased in the second quarter. "For example, infrastructure of general connectivity needs to improve; mobile data connectivity needs to become more affordable; and it needs to have more offline capability". The former two gadgets have now so much evolved that they offer all the functionalities of PCs, along with convenience of use and mobility only they can offer.