Dallas Cowboys: Is Ezekiel Elliott being railroaded by perception?

  • Dallas Cowboys: Is Ezekiel Elliott being railroaded by perception?

Dallas Cowboys: Is Ezekiel Elliott being railroaded by perception?

Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are the next two running backs on the depth chart should Elliott become unavailable.

Amongst the most notorious of recent suspensions in the league are wide receivers Michael Floyd and Mike Thomas.

When NFL training camp begins for the Dallas Cowboys, it will be business as usual. Floyd and Thomas are playing for the Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Rams respectively.

After getting released by the Cardinals, Michael Floyd joined the New England Patriots. An official findings and result regarding Ezekiel Elliott issue could come any soon.

Cowboys sources told WFAA Sports the team doesn't know if Elliott will be suspended, adding that the investigation has been "dragged out".

The NFL is reactive so this process that has stretched out for over two years in the case of Elliott is likely a response to the league's lack of an investigation and its weak suspension handed down to Josh Brown, who was at the time the kicker for the New York Giants. However, due to their massive offensive line and the depth at running back behind Elliott, that step backwards for the Dallas Cowboys won't be as big as the teams in the division would like. The worst case scenario is one the Cowboys do not want to have - a player developing a pattern of bad behavior. It seems like some sort of suspension is coming for the Dallas Cowboys running back, but how long? If he has to miss the first eight games, then that final game would be the Cowboys' home contest against the visiting Chiefs.

Elliott was named to the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro First Team for his efforts. However, with a backlash taking place, the Cowboys' philosophy may change.

Last year, a 20-year-old woman accused the Dallas Cowboys running back of assaulting her inside of a auto.

High-ranking #Cowboys source says that Ezekiel Elliott has messages saved on his phone proving his ex-girlfriend is trying to set him up.