Serena Williams Talks About Her Life Since Being Pregnant

  • Serena Williams Talks About Her Life Since Being Pregnant

Serena Williams Talks About Her Life Since Being Pregnant

When the reporter referred to Querrey as "the first United States player to reach a major semi-final since 2009", Murray was quick to remind him that Serena had won a whopping 23 grand slams in her time.

Of course Serena is now taking a break from the sport, as she is expecting her first child in September.

Money never seemed to figure into the athlete's mind as she continued to destroy opponents and set records during her career. "I wouldn't have it any other way". Of course, the mother-to-be is sitting out of Wimbledon this year but is cheering on sister Venus Williams as she prepares for the women's singles semifinal round on Thursday.

Serena Williams may be the highest-paid female athlete in the world, but the star says she doesn't let the millions impact her game.

The former Destiny's Child star co-wrote Whoa Baby!

While many women have a hard time dealing with being pregnant, Serena revealed she has been fortunate and has enjoyed her experience thus far. "Now that I'm pregnant, I'm going to bed a lot earlier and getting exhausted a lot faster", she says.

"I never touched [the money]". Her biggest focus, though, is sleep, which is why she's teamed up with Tempur-Pedic as part of the mattress brand's Sleep Is Power campaign.

"If I see the ladies or the guys playing, I get totally excited and I think, 'I really miss it!' But I don't want to be there, only because I'm doing something I feel is just as important, if not much more important", she said. "I've been really trying to indulge in my sleep".

In fact, the tennis player has been able to improve her health since she first became pregnant with a baby.

"That's why I love being at home", she said.

E! News had an interview with the tennis champion, and she answered a lot of questions about her pregnancy, her health, and when she plans to return to the courtside.

True! She can figure that out when the time comes. "I am a little disappointed with that", Williams admitted.