Amid Sikkim standoff, Chinese Army conducts military drills in Tibet

  • Amid Sikkim standoff, Chinese Army conducts military drills in Tibet

Amid Sikkim standoff, Chinese Army conducts military drills in Tibet

Days after the Ministry of External Affairs said that diplomatic channels were "being used" to defuse the stand-off with China in Doklam in the Sikkim region, Chinese state media indicated on Saturday that there was "no room for negotiations" and withdrawal of Indian troops was the pre-condition for any diplomatic solution.

The report, however, did not specify when and why the 11-hour exercise was held.

The video of military drill was released by PLA.

CCTV reported that the military drill was organised in the Tibet Autonomous Region in the middle and lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River.

The PLA brigade which participated in the drill, reported Chinese state-run publication Global Times, is usually deployed in southern Tibet, with borders with Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost state of India.

According to Xinhua, the June 18 incident marked the first time India crossed the only "determined border between the two Asian countries". India backs Bhutan's claim that China was, in fact, constructing the road on Bhutanese soil in a part the Himalayan kingdom calls Doklam. "[By staging] a small-scale drill, China wants to control the problem and lower the risk of shots being fired", he said. Another video posted online showed the soldiers using anti-tank grenades, missiles against bunkers and howitzers for artillery coverage.

Qin Zhen, executive editor of Ordnance Knowledge magazine, said that the recent exercises have displayed the strong combat capability of the PLA's plateau units.

A steady line of supplies is being maintained for the soldiers at the site, official sources said, signalling that Indian Army is not going to wilt under any pressure from China.

"India should not regard the existing situation as the same as or even similar to the previous two standoffs in 2013 and 2014 near Ladakh, a disputed area between China, Pakistan and India in southeastern Kashmir". The rift escalated after Chinese Army's construction party attempted to build road near the area.

The present standoff between India and China emerged after New Delhi expressed its apprehension over Beijing's road construction in the Sikkim sector of the border. Which eventually passes through region occupied by China.