Demetrious Johnson Picks Conor McGregor to Beat Floyd Mayweather

  • Demetrious Johnson Picks Conor McGregor to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Demetrious Johnson Picks Conor McGregor to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Among those touched by the execution-style slaying of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia was boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who took time off his promotion tour to honor the murdered mother. I don't have any ill feelings toward any - I don't even see color.

In over his head: McGregor has claimed Mayweather is too old to beat him.

"This is about kill or be killed". When McGregor noted that they were all one-dollar notes, Mayweather replied, "Because that's all you're worth!" "I spoke to Al Haymon, called Al and said, "Al, I think the Mayweather-McGregor fight can be the biggest fight in history.' He said, 'Floyd, no.' He doesn't ever, he can never just say no because we've done so many record-breaking things together". Diaz hasn't fought since and it doesn't appear that he plans to unless a trilogy with McGregor is on the table.

"If he feels disrespected then he is an idiot and f**k him as well", McGregor said. "I've been doing this over 20 years".

"I thought the Pacquiao fight would be my last fight but I am still in business and this fight is good business". Before the fight, Mayweather was 47-0 and Pacquiao was 57-5-2.

The exact payout for Mayweather's (49-0 boxing) pay-pr-view boxing match with McGregor (21-3 MMA, 9-1 UFC), which takes place August 26 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, will not be determined until well after fight night, when the final numbers are tallied.

"I just wanted to play with it and address it in my own little way".

The racially charged language angered Mayweather so much that he stopped shadowboxing and started to walk toward McGregor, who quickly reworded his comments.

"I'm self-motivated", Mayweather said. So the bottom line is: having Mayweather and McGregor to continue their word war on WWE's Monday Night Raw would add more drama and hype to the fight.

"I think Pacquiao was focused on fighting (me) again".

"So anything can happen in boxing".