Pennsylvania murders: Two charged in deaths of four young men

  • Pennsylvania murders: Two charged in deaths of four young men

Pennsylvania murders: Two charged in deaths of four young men

DiNardo, 20, was first arrested Monday and held on $1 million bail on an unrelated gun charge before his father paid $100,000 to bail him out Tuesday.

The remains of at least one of the men were found after an extensive search on a massive property belonging to DiNardo's parents.

Based on DiNardo's statement, investigators located Patrick's body in that grave late Thursday.

A person with firsthand knowledge of DiNardo's confession said he killed the men after he felt cheated or threatened during three drug transactions and then burned their bodies at his family's farm.

On Wednesday, investigators found three bodies in a common grave under an oil tank on the farm.

The other missing men are 22-year-old Mark Sturgis, 21-year-old Tom Meo and 19-year-old Jimi Tar Patrick.

On Thursday, a lawyer for Mr DiNardo told United States media that his client had confessed to playing a role in the four murders after a plea deal was reached with prosecutors that would spare him the death penalty if convicted. Local media reports say that Dinardo and Patrick attended the same preparatory school in Bensalem, Pa., while Dinardo and Finocchiaro had both posted on a Facebook page for buying and selling all-terrain vehicles. "One way or another", Weintraub said.

The same day, DiNardo reportedly drove to meet Thomas Meo and Mark Sturgis in Peddler's Village, and the two men got into DiNardo's truck to go to the DiNardo family property to conduct a marijuana transaction.

He said police are determined to "bring each and every one of these lost boys home to their families, one way or another".

According to the affidavit of probable cause, DiNardo had agreed to sell Patrick $8,000 of pot on July 5, but when he picked him up from his Newtown home, Patrick only had $800. Kratz was there waiting for them, and DiNardo said he first shot Meo as he exited the truck.

A judge dismissed the charge in May, but the Bucks County district attorney's office authorized police to reinstate and refile charges last month. His attorney said that his client had pleaded guilty and was being held on a $5 million bond. Weintraub said he does not know what led DiNardo to confess. "In exchange for that confession, Mr. Dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty". Bucks County Police had apprehended one of the suspects, Cosmo Dinardo, just two days earlier after authorities traced one of the victim's vehicles back to property owned by Dinardo's family.

For five days, dozens of law enforcement officers have searched the farmland owned by DiNardo's parents.

"They are down 12 foot deep in a hole that is getting deeper by the minute", District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said.

Dinardo is said to have a long-standing history of severe mental illness and court documents said he had been previously involuntarily committed to a mental health institution following an incident with a shotgun. Aerial footage shows teams searching under a large tent, and Weintraub has said they are enduring stifling heat as they painstakingly search the property.