Zahid: No plans to ban Telegram in Malaysia

  • Zahid: No plans to ban Telegram in Malaysia

Zahid: No plans to ban Telegram in Malaysia

Telegram, the encrypted messaging app, is forming a team of moderators familiar with Indonesian culture and language in order to remove "terrorist-related content" faster, one of its founder said on Sunday, days after Indonesia limited access to the app and threatened a total ban.

The government has tipped an outright ban on social media networks as part of a crackdown on radicalisation and communications among terrorists and criminals online.

Pavel Durov, the founder and the CEO of Telegram, announced on Sunday creation of a team of specialists in Indonesia who would monitor and delete the terrorism-related content from the Telegram messaging app that was recently blocked in the country.

Durov wants to establish a direct channel of communication with the government regulator, making it easier to work together to identify and block terrorist propaganda in the future.

Samuel Pangerapan, the director general of informatics applications at the ministry, said they are preparing for the complete closure of Telegram in Indonesia if it does not develop procedures to block unlawful content.

In May, two suicide bombers killed three Indonesian police officers and injured several others at a bus station in Jakarta.

"It may indeed seem tempting to simply ban end-to-end encryption to stop terrorists from exchanging coded messages".

Rudiantara made worldwide headlines early past year after forcing South Korean messaging giant LINE to remove pro-LGBT stickers from the service in Indonesia or face a ban.

Durov said Telegram blocks thousands of IS-related channels a month and is "always open to ideas on how to get better at this". In 2002, attacks on the tourist island of Bali killed 202 people and wounded more than 300 - the worst act of terror in the country's history.

The messaging application also allows a group chat with more than 10,000 members without providing details, including phone numbers, to the group's administrator, a feature that Tito said would be useful for terrorists. "I will keep you updated".

Telegram is all about security and encryption so the fact that we can not just wander into Durov's wall of comments and gorge on them is reassuring, if frustrating, and if we were reviewing Telegram as a thing it would probably win some points for this.