EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

  • EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

Rumors have been circulating for months that EA was scaling down operations at BioWare Montreal following the botched release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that the studio will be merging with EA's other Montreal developer Motive Studios, with the combined team working on Motive's upcoming Star Wars project. For those who don't remember EA Motive, it's the studio formed by Jade Raymond who previously worked on the Assassin's Creed franchise.

In addition to this news, Andromeda has been hit with a small patch (detailed below).

Few might have envisioned quite how catastrophically 2017 would pan out for the guys at BioWare Montreal. There is a report circulating the internet suggesting that EA has put Mass Effect on hold but, that does not mean that Bioware has stopped supporting the game as Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.10 is now live.

"The teams in EA Worldwide Studios are packed with talent, and more than ever, we're driving collaboration between studios on key projects".

The consequences of Mass Effect: Andromeda's critical and commercial disappointment have been swift, and now very final. This is an ongoing process, but there are many exciting roles and opportunities for everyone on the team. "So they now all sit in one new studio together".

EA Motive was founded by Assassin's Creed producer Raymond, and is now working on Star Wars Battlefront II alongside EA DICE and Criterion Games. Sales for the game were down from Mass Effect 2 and 3, and most of the recent updates have been focused on fixing the game rather than adding new content. This holiday, EA Motive, along with DICE and Criterion Games, will be launching Star Wars Battlefront II on November 17th On top of that, the new studio will continue to work alongside Visceral Games on their unannounced Star Wars title.