Destiny 2 Beta PC vs PS4/XB1 Content Differences - New Map And More

  • Destiny 2 Beta PC vs PS4/XB1 Content Differences - New Map And More

Destiny 2 Beta PC vs PS4/XB1 Content Differences - New Map And More

Streamers planning to spotlight the PC version of Destiny 2 may have a rough time getting their usual setups working with the game. While it may be trickier to stream or capture Destiny 2 with a one-PC setup, the addition of other hardware such as a second PC or an Elgato or aVerMedia capture cards seem to be the best workaround.

The beta for Destiny 2 on PC is arriving a bit later than the console release. The devs explain that using the windowed capture modes of those app will be permitted, though.

PLEASE NOTE: Other recording applications, such as Dxtory, Razer Cortex, Fraps have similar restrictions to those outlined above. Notification features may still be provided through the third-party application. Namely streaming he game in Windowed mode.

There was no clear confirmation from Bungie on whether or not the new Social Space in Destiny 2 will be accessible to PC players in beta.

It sounds like the upcoming PC version of Destiny 2 will not play nice with a whole lot of popular PC software and application that PC gamers like to use.

These incompatibilities also extend to voice and hardware monitoring applications as well. The game resist attempts by third-party applications to insert code into the game client.

According to Bungie's weekly update, the PC beta will include several of the same missions and modes found in the console beta such as the Homecoming story mission, Inverted Spire Strike, and the two competitive multiplayer modes, Countdown and Control.

The start of the beta period of "Destiny 2" for PC players is reportedly scheduled on Monday, Aug. 28, for those who pre-ordered the game, while the public will be able to enjoy it on Aug. 29. "If this is your first dance with Destiny, be sure to tell us how it feels", the game developer also states.