Microsoft Surface Plus explained: Upgrade and finance your device now

  • Microsoft Surface Plus explained: Upgrade and finance your device now

Microsoft Surface Plus explained: Upgrade and finance your device now

To qualify for the upgrade, people must be able to return their used Surfaces in "good condition" and agree to a new 24-month payment plan, Microsoft said.

Microsoft is also launching a business version of Surface Plus that allows businesses to choose from a range of Surface devices, including the 55-inch Surface Hub.

Microsoft also proposes to take back the old device and upgrade to a newer one after 18 months for no extra costs at all provided the device is completely functional.

I priced out a top-of-the-line Surface Pro 2017, i7, 16 GB, 1 TB storage, Iris Plus, Extended Service, and came to a total of $2,848, or $119 per month with Klarna financing (formerly Kreditor), plus sales tax.

The payment plans offers 0 percent April for the first two years and 19.99 percent afterwards.

To that end, the company today announced the launch of its Surface Plus program.

Microsoft has rolled out Surface Plus, a program that will make it easier for customers to own Surface devices and upgrade them regularly.

The plan encompasses every model of Surface, including the Surface Pro tablet/laptop hybrid, the Surface Studio PC, the Surface Book high-end laptop, and the new student-focused Surface Laptop.

Surface Plus is available exclusively for customers in the United States at Microsoft's brick-and-mortar stores and online. Microsoft is looking to woo students and businesses with the plan.

To get a Surface device under this plan, you'll have to apply online at the site or through one of the physical Microsoft Stores.

Device Protection: Surface Plus for Business offers peace of mind with the Microsoft Complete for Business extended service plan with accidental damage protection. The program is called the Surface Plus Program and it is for customers and businesses that want to put out less money upfront. You can also upgrade devices after 18 months.

Those who finance under this program are given the option of upgrading their device after 18 months have passed, just like with a smartphone.

Microsoft is advertising the Surface Plus program as the ideal solution for students.