Company sells President Trump's tweets - on toilet paper

  • Company sells President Trump's tweets - on toilet paper

Company sells President Trump's tweets - on toilet paper

By the time of this publication, searching for the Trump tweets toilet paper brings up zero matching results on Amazon.

The whole product description reads, 'Double ply toilet tissue printed throughout with a collection of ten of Donald Trump's tweets that we deemed were most suitable for flushing'.

The product was listed as "Currently unavailable" on Amazon as of Saturday at midday, with the line: "We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock". The price for a single roll of the novelty toilet paper was a staggering $11.99, if you happened to be a member of Amazon Prime.

Among the classic tweets were some memorable messages from the years before Trump was elected as USA president.

Online retail giant Amazon caused a bit of a stink this week when news broke that it was selling a product called "Donald Trump Classic Tweets Toilet Paper".

The tweets featured on the loo roll include a range of remarks made by Trump that come off as ironic since he became president.

This is not the only Trump related product that Amazon sells.

One of the more notable tweets from 2014 asked if you are allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence. Trump tweeted on Election Day 2012.

Numerous social media users also commented on Toilet Tweets with many users stating that being in the toilet was exactly the sort of attention that Trump's tweets deserved.Other commentators used the product to post toilet related jokes about Trump while some urged people to buy the product while it lasted. "The next time you have to take your daily 4 am dump, are enraged by the mainstream media reporting truth and facts about what a toilet bowl of a presidency you are running, and Fox & Friends isn't on yet, . grab a wad of these brilliant tweets and wipe away", the reviewer added.