SACC vote of no confidence message to MPs

  • SACC vote of no confidence message to MPs

SACC vote of no confidence message to MPs

"Why do you think members of the ANC will join forces with the opposition in this narrative of removing the ANC from government?" said Mthembu.

South African opposition party Democratic Alliance (DA) on Monday urged ruling party lawmakers to vote President Jacob Zuma out after parliamentary speaker allowed a secret ballot on a no-confidence vote on Tuesday.

"The sceptical view could be that they have consulted widely enough, the ANC whips, to know whether it really doesn't matter if they hold it in secret or open".

If the motion succeeds Zuma - who has survived eight previous motions of no-confidence - and his entire cabinet would have to step down.

It was also significant that she noted a secret ballot becomes necessary when "circumstances are toxic" - this in reference to the threats and bullying directed at ANC MPs who indicated they would vote according to their conscience.

Mbete said she had no authority in law or in terms of the rules of Parliament to determine that a secret ballot is used for voting.

"The correct exercise of parliament's powers in relation to a motion of no confidence in the president must therefore have the effect of ensuring that the voting process is not a fear or money-inspired sham but a genuine motion for the effective enforcement of accountability", Mogoeng added. Zuma did not support a secret ballot, so effectively the ANC did not support the secret ballot and Baleka went against the party line.

Malema added: "We are convinced that ANC members will do the right thing".

The motion will take place at 2pm tomorrow.

"Tomorrow, on the 8th of the 8th in the 8th motion, we then continue to make sure that Zuma must be removed on behalf of the millions of South Africans".

"ANC MPs now have no excuse", DA leader Musi Maimane said.

"The people of South Africa look to parliament to give direction in challenging times".

"Tomorrow is the beginnings of an opportunity", said one ANC lawmaker who declined to be named.

Baleka Mbete has chose to allow Members of Parliament to cast a secret ballot in a motion of no confidence against Jacob Zuma. It is a chance for us all to stand up and say no to corruption.