Chris Pratt, Anna Faris announce separation

  • Chris Pratt, Anna Faris announce separation

Chris Pratt, Anna Faris announce separation

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's shocking Hollywood breakup comes with plenty of off-screen drama - considering nobody really knows what happened.

Reuters/Hannah McKayAnna Faris and Chris Pratt were married for eight years and recently announced their separation.

But on Sunday night, Pratt and Faris broke the news - and our hearts - in a joint statement on social media, announcing they are legally separating.

In an interview earlier this year Anna got real about her and Chris' marriage, saying relationships had been hard for her and it took time for her to take her mother's advice to be "to be selfish in love".

He added: 'We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another'. "We get each other because even though we met under the lights of Hollywood, we're from the same place".

It is claimed that Chris did not wish to have more children in the foreseeable future and that there are "other personal reasons for the split, but the way they see family in the long-term was a big factor in their decision".

Sure, we adored Anna Faris and Chris Pratt from afar, just like we worshipped Brad and Ange.

The news of the couple's split was met with disbelief on social media as fans took to Facebook to share their sadness.

Johansson said she will "never ever" talk about the end of her marriage for the sake of the couple's daughter, Rose, born in 2014. She said the rumors left her feeling "vulnerable". She had to publicly deny the rumours because they were harming her own relationship - time will tell if J-Law will do the same.

The 40-year-old actress also said weeks ago that she finds it "tricky" differentiating between life on and off camera, and revealed Chris, 38, would often be working in the garage while she was watching TV. "I think it's something you have to manage", he told the magazine.

"I'm a man of faith and I believe that God works in mysterious ways and gives us signs and gifts in life - and those gifts oftentimes come in the form of people. I was reading false rumors in a tabloid about us, and I feel so lucky that Chris and I can laugh about it rather than let it ruin our day".