Corbett trial: Jury foreman says decision did not come easy

  • Corbett trial: Jury foreman says decision did not come easy

Corbett trial: Jury foreman says decision did not come easy

The voice of one juror, a woman, was choked with emotion as she answered, "Yes", to the question of whether she stood by her verdict. The father and daughter immediately taken into custody.

A report via theWinston-Salem Journal told of a Davidson County, North Carolina jury 'deliberating briefly' before finding Corbett and her father, Thomas Michael Martens guilty of second degree murder in the 2015 beating death of Jason Corbett. They were both sentenced to spend 20 to 25 years in prison. The jury taking less than a day for deliberations.

Outside St John's Cathedral, before the guilty verdict, Mrs Corbett said "It's been a nightmare....we are hoping for justice".

JASON Corbett's twin brother has opened up about the horrific evidence he saw in court, saying: "They didn't just kill him, they slaughtered him".

"The jury have fulfilled their duty and I can promise them that we will fulfil our duty to help create a good future for Jason's children, who he loved".

Molly and Jason Corbett met after the death of Corbett's first wife from a freak asthma attack in Limerick, Ireland, when the former model and competitive swimmer moved in with the family as a nanny to care for Corbett's two children, according to The Times UK.

Mr Corbett, 39, was killed in his home in Wallburg, North Carolina on 2 August 2015. "He said, 'I'm going to kill her.' He's bleeding all over and I may have killed him".

The burden of proof is on the state to show this wasn't an act of self-defense. The blows were so violent and caused such damage to his skull that pathologist Dr Craig Nelson could only estimate that Mr Corbett suffered at least 12 times. He was choking my daughter.

Thomas, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, remained expressionless as he exited the Davidson County Superior Court in handcuffs, while Molly told her mother she was "I'm sorry". But prosecutors pointed to the crime scene seen in these photos obtained by ABC news.

Laywers for Corbett said she had a mark on her neck, hair under her husband's fingernails and blood on his feet, suggesting a struggle. The weapons, a baseball bat and a brick.

"She said: "[Jack] lost his mom when he was very young, and now his dad is gone. When we found those details it was so unbelievable.

He added: "Who would bring a brick up to their bedroom?"

At the start of the case, both defendants pleaded not guilty and claimed self defense or defense of another. Once you hit a certain point and you do not stop, self-defense goes off the table.

However, Jason's grieving family were horrified to discover the Martens family had tried to contract an aviation firm to fly an aircraft over the children's school in Limerick, trailing a banner showing details of how to contact Ms Martens in the US. This is the most atrocious mischaracter of justice I've been a part of.

She said: "What they done to was despicable, and you wouldn't have done it to an animal".