Intel Core X-Series Family Specs Officially Revealed

  • Intel Core X-Series Family Specs Officially Revealed

Intel Core X-Series Family Specs Officially Revealed

As for what this means for AMD's Ryzen, well, it would be smart for Intel to ramp up the core counts across its Coffee Lake lineup if only to maintain parity with its key rival.

Intel's upcoming 18-core Core i9 central processing unit (CPU) chip is set to arrive on 25 September, setting buyers back a hefty $2,000 (£1,500).

We also know that Intel's 8th-gen chips, which were originally supposed to be appearing in 2018 on the 10nm fab node, will be produced on current 14nm facilities, but Intel has publicly claimed that these Coffee Lake processors will be 15 to 30 per cent faster than its previous generation Kaby Lake chips. It also has 44 PCIe lanes off of the chip. However, it can run a 4.2 GHz and 4.4 GHz boost clock speed on two of its cores under the proper temperature circumstances.

Last but not least, within its official invitation to watch the 8th Generation Intel Core processor family unveiling we are told that we can expect devices powered by these processors to start arriving "in the holiday season and even before".

Spec sheet for all of Intel's Core X-Series processors (click to enlarge).

Intel has announced the specifications its 12 to 18 core processor series: Intel Core i9-7920X, Core i9-7940X, Core i9-7960X and the Extreme Edition Core i9-7980XE processors. The company also compared the eighth-generation processor to a previous-generation model with fewer threads, so most of the improvement likely doesn't stem from significant IPC/architectural enhancements. Intel chips haven't seen a performance leap like that in years.

Of course, none of this matters all that much for gaming, at least now.

Sporting a base CPU clock speed of 2.6Ghz with the potential to boost up to 4.2GHz courtesy of Intel's TurboBoost 2.0 technology, the 32-thread equipped processor is aimed at handling very demanding tasks, such as processor intensive 4K content creation and running graphics-hungry virtual reality applications. It is identical to the Core i9-7960X and Core i9-7980XE in terms of other key specs as well, with the exception of lower 19.25MB of L3 cache.