BC NDP government to fight Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in court

  • BC NDP government to fight Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in court

BC NDP government to fight Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in court

The government of British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province, vowed Thursday to use every legal option to stop construction of Kinder Morgan Inc.'s planned expansion of a pipeline connecting the Alberta oil sands with the Pacific Coast.

That consultation will include what potential impacts the project could have on Aboriginal rights and title - an area Berger is well versed in, having acted on behalf of the Nisga'a Nation in 1973 to argue for recognition of Aboriginal land title rights.

"This project, which was approved by the Trudeau government after lengthy review, would create thousands of jobs across British Columbia", Coleman said in a statement.

He says Kinder Morgan may have some private land holdings set aside for the project.

"There are a number of permits issued, but they can not be acted on until the company meets the requirements of the environmental assessment certificate that was issued by the previous government of British Columbia", Heyman said.

The company must complete consultations with First Nations on several environmental aspects of the project not yet addressed, and may not begin work on public land until it does so, Heyman said.

"He is a living example of modern First Nations law in Canada", said Eby.

"We also have abilities with respect to permits on stream crossings and other issues that require provincial responsibility, and we're going to exercise those", Horgan said.

The Province will continue to explore other tools to hold Kinder Morgan's project plans to the high standards of environmental protection and Indigenous consultation that British Columbians expect.

CKNW has reached out to Kinder Morgan for comment.

In a federal court application for a judicial review of the NEB's approval of the pipeline expansion, the province will seek intervener status. "We have undertaken thorough, extensive and meaningful consultations with Aboriginal peoples, communities, and individuals, and remain dedicated to those efforts and relationships as we move forward with construction activities in September". "That is what drove us in the choices we made and we will stand by those choices".

The BC government is taking action against the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

Eby said Berger's appointment should send a strong message about B.C.'s commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations.

If granted, the province would be allowed to fully back the challenges, even though it isn't named in the lawsuits. All three organizations noted how Kinder Morgan has yet to obtain the necessary permits to proceed with construction.

"Until those plans are completed, Kinder Morgan, with the exception of private land. can not put shovels in the ground", the minister said.