CNN Axes Trump Booster Jeffrey Lord Over Nazi Salute Tweet

  • CNN Axes Trump Booster Jeffrey Lord Over Nazi Salute Tweet

CNN Axes Trump Booster Jeffrey Lord Over Nazi Salute Tweet

Nevertheless, CNN announced today, "Nazi salutes are indefensible". In a follow-up post, he called them "anti-free speech bigots who, in typical fascist style, make it their mission to shut down speech they don't like".

CNN said Thursday it had cut ties with Jeffrey Lord, one of its most polarizing and ubiquitous personalities, after he used a phrase largely associated with Nazis in World War II. When Carusone tweeted at Lord criticizing the column, he responded with the Nazi salute. As a result, CNN said ended her annual visit to Times Square with Anderson Cooper on New Year's.

The tweet was far from Lord's first brush with controversy since his ascent to national prominence during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Lord has previously called the group "Media Matters Fascists".

On a later telephone interview with CNN, Lord defended his actions - and tweets - and claimed that his rhetoric was simply "mocking Nazis and Fascists".

According to Media Matters, Lord published an article attacking their organization that misspelled their president, Angelo Carusone's, last name.

Lord was specifically critical of Media Matters' promotion of an ad boycott against Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Lord and Carusone have a history of jarring with one another on social media. "I disagree. I respectfully disagree", he said.

But that doesn't stop people on the far-right from using them. People who support President Trump provide "an important point of view", said Zucker. "That's what I'm mocking".

Retained by CNN in August 2015, Lord was an indefatigable on-air supporter of Donald Trump throughout his candidacy and since his election.

Libertarian commentator Julian Sanchez, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, was less impressed, mocking what he took to be CNN's thought process over a couple of tweets.