Dhinakaran downplays Palaniswami-camp's stand against him

  • Dhinakaran downplays Palaniswami-camp's stand against him

Dhinakaran downplays Palaniswami-camp's stand against him

While AIADMK (Amma) has declared Dinakaran persona non grata by holding his appointment as deputy general secretary by Sasikala null and void, it can not get rid of Sasikala that easily. "We look forward to the commission holding a hearing in a week's time with both camps and nullifying Sasikala's appointment", said a senior leader of the OPS faction. "It is clear by implication that the affidavits (in support of Sasikala and Dhinakaran) filed by them ( EPS camp) were false and in any case can not be considered by the commission", it said. The meeting is seen as his most categorical assertion in party affairs since taking over the reins in February amid reports that the merger of the two factions could take place before August 15. Panneerselvam himself welcomed the move and said the EPS camp has "crossed half way" and that he was waiting for it to complete the journey. The moment Sasikala took control of the party after J Jayalalithaa died, the party's popularity nosedived and never ever recovered.

The second formula is that Panneerselvam is appointed as party general secretary, with or without the deputy Chief Minister post, to help him retain his stature. In fact, in April itself some of the ministers had "ousted" Dinakaran and his family from the party, but there was no follow up action to formalize the decision.

"The apt word for Dinakaran is "420", Palanisamy told media here. That would mean Palanisami manages the government while the party is controlled by OPS. Currently, the state government has only 123 MLAs against the minimum number of 118 required to stay on in office. Political observers believe that instance made one more thing clear - the power that Naidu wields and his future role in Tamil Nadu politics, until he became the vice-president of the country. Although nobody knows the depth of their resources, it may be easily surmised that they are in it for the long haul because they don't have another choice.

Four months have passed since Team EPS announced the ousting of TTV Dhinakaran from the party and yet the delay in merger.

The resolution now completely sidelines Dinakaran from the AIADMK and makes way for a merger with O Panneerselvam camp.