HomePod Firmware Leak Tips IPhone 8 5.8-inch Screen

  • HomePod Firmware Leak Tips IPhone 8 5.8-inch Screen

HomePod Firmware Leak Tips IPhone 8 5.8-inch Screen

KAZINFORM Independent developer Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered the principle of the virtual Home button from the accidentally-released HomePod firmware, he said on Twitter. According to the report, the new iPhone SE 2 will be making its way out in Q1 2018, two years after the original iPhone SE.

Expanding on the already leaked details for the Apple iPhone 8 the latest video from YouTuber Danny Winget offers a look at all three iPhone 8 colours hands-on.

But that notch ruins the phone's flawless symmetry, which is why the iPhone 8's design is such a hotly debated story.

The new iPhone 8 also a a glass back, and according to several rumours, that's because it's now capable of wireless charging - a most-wanted feature for the iPhone. Fast Company had previously said that the luxury iPhone 8 will cost not less than a whopping $1000, may be slightly higher. That means the phone does not work, and we'll have to wait for Apple's September iPhone event to see how iOS 11 actually looks like on the iPhone 8. The inclusion of a glass back should lend a more premium feel to the new handset, and you just can't beat an edge-to-edge screen. For me, this is where the iPhone 8 surges ahead of the iPhone 7.

The screen of the iPhone 8 should also be better than the iPhone 7's.

His research note - which was shared with Apple Insider - partially contradicted Foxconn Vice President Luo Zhongsheng, who posted - and then quickly deleted - on Weibo claiming Apple has run into supply chain issues for the much-anticipated phone and is facing a 40 percent defect rate for its new OLED screen. Despite being in mass production, there are still shortages expected.

Sonny Dickson, an iPhone leak specialist, had given a glimpse of the iPhone 7s.