Officer buys his own eyepiece camera, records suspect shooting him

  • Officer buys his own eyepiece camera, records suspect shooting him

Officer buys his own eyepiece camera, records suspect shooting him

"Tell my family that I love them", Smith says to a dispatcher after frantically running back to his police vehicle, covered in blood.

That's when Orr produced a gun from his pocket and shot Officer Smith at point-blank range.

As he is tended to by paramedics at the scene, Mr Smith urges them to "secure my glasses, my body camera is on it".

Once back inside his patrol auto Smith begged for backup, blood-covered hands fumbling with the radio controls as he tried to alert his dispatcher.

Prosecutors say a clerk told Smith that a man wearing camouflage and a red bandana tried snatching groceries from customers. Smith panicked, and ran back to his unit.

But his glasses captured more than just the shocking violence, including a bystander rushing to Smith's aid as well as his emotional plea to the dispatcher.

Smith spotted the suspect, who was walking and talking a cell phone about a block away and repeatedly ordered him to stop and take his right hand out of his pocket. "My arms are broken". "I've been shot in the neck", he says. Smith then threatened to use his stun gun on Orr if he did not comply with his order to stop. The footage shows his bloodied hands as he shouts: "Dispatch, I'm hit!".

The incident occurred on January 1, 2016, at around 11 a.m. EDT, according to the officials, reports said. "I'm hit in my neck some place".

"I didn't draw my firearm because at the time I didn't think it was warranted", he told WJCL. "I am going to stay here with you".

Seven minutes after Orr fired his first shots, emergency sirens blare in the distance. "I'm here with the officer, my name is J. Tompkins".

A woman can be heard in the background screaming: "Quincy, you OK baby, Oh God Jesus".

It appears Smith asks Thompkins for help putting pressure on wounds as the bystander reassures him, and at one point takes over radio duties from Smith.

Smith is still recovering from his injuries and remains on medical leave, according to WJCL 22.

After a two-day trial, Orr was convicted of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime.