Texas auto tumbles seven stories

  • Texas auto tumbles seven stories

Texas auto tumbles seven stories

A Texas woman has miraculously survived after driving her luxury sedan off the side of an Austin parking garage.

Dramatic CCTV footage has been released of a woman's auto plunging seven stories off the side of a parking garage.

In the clip, shot from a security camera in the alley below, we see a Chevy Tahoe completing a three-point turn and getting ready to park.

The BMW driver sustained serious injuries and the driver of the Tahoe was uninjured.

"I can just imagine what she was thinking when I had said, 'a auto just landed on me, I gotta go, '" he said.

A screen grab from security camera footage shows the moment a BMW auto slams into the ground just missing an SUV after falling seven floors from a parking garage. Amazingly, both drivers in the BMW and SUV were OK. The crash, which happened because the driver apparently pressed her accelerator rather than her brake, occurred on July 13. Her current condition and identity have not been released.

His SUV was caught by barrier wires, leaving the auto hanging off the side of the garage. Waco's KXXV-TV reported that the garage was cited by officials that same month for unsafe barrier cable systems. There are plans to redesign the entire system.