Black Journalists Pull Out Of NABJ Panel After Omarosa Signs On

  • Black Journalists Pull Out Of NABJ Panel After Omarosa Signs On

Black Journalists Pull Out Of NABJ Panel After Omarosa Signs On

Omarosa Manigault-Newman, the Trump near-apprentice turned White House aide, walked off the panel stage yesterday at the National Association of Black Journalists convention after a heated, almost half-hour exchange with Bounce TV's Ed Gordon. Manigault-Newman shot back, later suggesting Gordon was trying to "walk all over" her.

"If you want to ask about the loss of my father and my brother and the issues I do, ask about my story", she said.

Moderator and broadcast journalist Ed Gordon stepped in at the last minute, but he sparred with Manigault-Newman, nearly as soon as she stepped on stage.

Omarosa got so pissed when a moderator dragged President Donald Trump's name into a discussion about police brutality. she damn near left. "Ask me a question about me". The veteran White House reporter alleged on CNN comrade Angela Rye's podcast that Manigault - who works in the public liaison office - had tried to sabotage her career. And, during the panel, she joined the critics of The Donald for supporting police militarization.

Gordon later suggested that there was a debate among the panel organizers about whether Manigault-Newman would be asked about the Trump administration during the event.

Manigault then accused Gordon of being aggressive, saying that if Gordon and others in the audience had issues with the Trump administration, they should raise them with Trump.

The black journalists turned their backs on Manigault even though she said she disagreed with Trump's joke about how he did not want police to be "too nice" by putting their hands on top of the heads of "thugs" while throwing them "into the back of a paddy wagon". She asked, "Is this a panel or is this just me?"

Nevertheless, question turned to the Trump administrations policies, including efforts by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to revive the war on drugs and "broken windows" policing. "Honestly it was a total mess but one that accurately shows the divide between the mindsets of the African American community in this country today", she said.

Her personal life was marred by tragedies.

She also argued Trump's comments were "misinterpreted", and police brutality was one of the main issues for the administration.

At the event, Manigault was not welcomed by numerous conference goers, some of whom turned their backs on her as she was speaking while others had walked out.

"We have reached the point of diminished returns", Gordon, the moderator said to the audience.

She later mentioned that her tweet prompted a discussion between herself and a former NABJ president.