Gorakhpur hospital oxygen supplier denies 'disruption' in supply

  • Gorakhpur hospital oxygen supplier denies 'disruption' in supply

Gorakhpur hospital oxygen supplier denies 'disruption' in supply

Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh and Minister for Medical Education Ashutosh Tandon will visit Gorakhpur after meeting the Chief Minister here.

Parents of at least 35 children who have died in a state-run hospital in northern India over the past three days have alleged that the fatalities were due to the lack of a sufficient oxygen supply in the children's ward. District Magistrate, Rajeev Rautela told Indian Express, "Total 30 deaths in last 48 hours". "The media has given different death figures.it should give the right figure, " he said.

However, the state government and hospital authorities have denied the charges saying oxygen was available in the hospital through other arrangements and the deaths were caused due to "various medical reasons and illnesses".

"Thirty kids died in hospital without oxygen".

Though the Gorakhpur district magistrate had not given any reason for the deaths, an official here had said that according to the Gorakhpur superintendent of police (SP), 21 children died due to oxygen supply shortage.

He also maintained that seven deaths (neo-natal ward 3, AES ward 2 and general ward 2) were reported since last midnight, while the remaining 23 deaths (neo-natal 14, AES 3 and general 6) were reported since midnight of August 9-10, reported TOI.

On his part, the chief minister said in a tweet, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought information about the Gorakhpur incident".

Further speaking about why they stopped the oxygen supply, the HR official further said that the hospital¿s Rs. 68.5 lakh payment is pending and the officials did not pay a heed to their letters and legal notice for the same.

Needless to say, complete chaos has prevailed at the hospital as panic-stricken relatives of patients are running post to pillar for help. According to reports, 12 children were suffering from encephalitis.

Meanwhile, the families of the children have claimed that the doctors were not treating them well and the hospital was not even providing the medicines which were required for the treatment.

Sixty children died between August 7 and 11 in BRD Hospital, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The family had rushed the newborn to the hospital from neighbouring Siddharthnagar district on August 9 because he had a high fever. He also said that if any disruption in oxygen supply comes to light in further probe, the guilty would be brought to book. The death of the children has been ordered to be investigated on a high level.