Guam's residents concerned but have faith in United States military

  • Guam's residents concerned but have faith in United States military

Guam's residents concerned but have faith in United States military

NORTH Korea knows exactly what it wants to do to provoke the U.S., and only the United States, promptly announcing it would fire four of its Hwasong-12 missiles over Japan and into the waters 30 to 40 kilometers from Guam.

North Korea says it is in the final stages of preparing a plan to launch four intermediate-range ballistic missiles over Japan and into waters off the tiny island of Guam, where about 7,000 USA troops are based and 160,000 US civilians live.

South Korea and Japan warned North Korea that it would face a strong response if it carried through with a threat to launch a missile toward Guam. Located on the northeast side of the island, the Air Force base retains a fleet of B52 bombers and fighter jets. After the attack, which North Korea has said it would take less than 18 minutes to reach the island, authorities advise Gambians to steer clear of areas marked "radiation hazard" or "HAZMAT" as well as all damaged areas. But they say the behind-the-scenes discussions could still be a foundation for more serious negotiation.

Many are irked by the endless commentary about US forces on Guam by cable news pundits and experts attempting to introduce USA viewers to the island. Perhaps Asean could also help, if Manila and other claimants from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur keep their mouths shut over supposed minerals and other riches in the contested waters of the South China Sea, at least until North Korea regains its bearings. They threatened USA, other countries, and they threaten Guam.

Tourists frolic along the Tumon beach on the island of Guam, a US Pacific Territory.

North Korea did not threaten Guam with a nuclear attack, but the crisis between Pyongyang and the United States has stirred fears that a nuclear conflict could break out in the region.

The U.S. and its allies, Mattis said, are capable of fending off an attack.

While experts estimate the consequences and economic impact of an imminent us vs North Korea war, some Guamanians are stockpiling essentials to survive while taking shelter if Pyongyang makes good on its promise to strike the island. At the northern end of the island, Andersen Air Force Base houses B-1 bombers as well as the Navy's Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Twenty-five.

Here's a closer look at Guam and its role in the US and North Korea's ongoing war of words.

"North Korea has always threatened other countries".

It's not the first time North Korea has threatened Guam, which is a crucial, strategic hub for US forces in the Pacific.

Some posters lament the lack of knowledge about Guam on the part of most USA residents.

But there's also some resentment about not being able to vote in the general election for USA president.

Resident Isaac Camacho, 19, says he feels Guam's relationship with the US mainland is "a little misunderstood on their part".

North Korea's bold threat includes "several places they can stop or give up", Carlin said. Chamorros are the indigenous people of Guam.