OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2

  • OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2

OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2

AI developers have recently shown that computers can dominate the best human players in Go and chess.

The parameters for victory are simple - the first player to get two kills or destroy a tower (a key building) wins.

It's still not clear of AI is going to snatch all our jobs, but according to visionary and Tesla owner Elon Musk, an AI bot is definitely going to take away our e-sports supremacy. In the lead up to real life morphing into The Matrix, an AI (funded by an Elon Musk startup) just beat the tar out of some of the world's best Dota 2 players.

Or, as Musk puts it, to ensure that AI doesn't grow unchecked and become the death of humanity. And rather than attempt a third round, Dendi surrendered. One-on-one matches are far less complex than standard five-on-five matches, and it's notable that the machine learning system doesn't use the full range of tactics you see from human rivals. Greg Brockman, leader of the OpenAI Dota 2 team, said that in the early stages, the dueling Shadow Fiends just ran aimlessly around the map until they died.

"Our bot is trained entirely through self play".

The billionaire said that when someone is interested in issues of level of safety using bots, now is the time to prepare. "This guy is really scary", Dendi kept saying, and at one point yelped "Please stop bullying me!" when the bot rushed at him aggressively.

"They're pretty terrible", one player said. Dota's complexity lies both in its programming, but also in the extremely high level of coordination, communication, and strategy required to play it at the highest level.

The latest game in which AI has beaten a top human player is Dota 2, a battle arena video game published by Valve, as a sequel to Defense of the Ancients.