CIA's Pompeo says no 'imminent' threat of nuclear war

  • CIA's Pompeo says no 'imminent' threat of nuclear war

CIA's Pompeo says no 'imminent' threat of nuclear war

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that President Trump would consider it "unacceptable" for North Korea to possess a nuclear-armed ballistic missile capable of striking the United States - a development believed to be soon within Pyongyang's reach.

"He conducted two in July so it wouldn't surprise me if there's another missile test", Pompeo said.

Following Trump's initial threat, North Korea threatened to target the tiny Pacific island of Guam, a USA territory that is home to large US air and naval bases.

Guam is a target because of its naval base and air force base, from which two B-1B supersonic bombers were deployed close to the Korean peninsula on Tuesday.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday he added: "They're moving towards that [goal] at an ever-alarming rate". That prompted a new round of United Nations economic sanctions, which angered Mr Kim's regime.

"We're all looking to get out of this situation without a war", he added.

"This administration has made our policy very clear".

Thursday: He says that his "fire and fury" warning maybe "wasn't tough enough".

"The president doesn't draw red lines", McMaster said on NBC's "Meet the Press".

Both "agreed North Korea must stop its provocative and escalatory behavior", the White House said in a statement.

"I've seen no intelligence to indicate we're in that place today", Pompeo said.

He said President Trump was just trying to give the country's people hope when he floated the idea on Friday that the USA would take military action after condemning Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro for human rights abuses and calling for him to hold "free and fair elections".

Several countries have expressed concern with the escalation of the crisis.

He told the President that "relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean Peninsula", the state-run China Central Television reported.

North Korea announced on Thursday plans to fire missiles near the US Pacific territory of Guam, even though there was no indication an attack is imminent. In response, North Korea announced a detailed plan to fire ballistic missiles towards Guam, a USA territory in the Pacific.